• LT5102

    The LT5102 provides TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator)and NMES (Nueromuscular Electrical Stimulation) service for the people in need. It is definitely drug-free.You can use it in the office when physical pain hits,and also you can use it at home after every working days.
  • LT3074-K/O

    LT3074-KO is a single-channel knee and elbow TENS device which safely and effectively relieve pain. It simply wraps around the user's knee & elbow and is secured by hook and loop fasteners
  • LT3062E

    The LT3062E is a 3-in-1 device with 3 therapy modes to help relieve your muscles of pain and discomfort. Dual Channel Pain Relief System is a highly versatile, personal unit with multi function TENS/EMS/MASSAGE for home, work or travel that delivers prescription-strength relief, muscle stimulate and body massage.
  • LT1201A

    The LT1201A digital TENS Unit is among the latest, and most sophisticated electrotherapy devices for pain relief on the market. This is the first full-line of portable, combination electrotherapy devices to have preset programs by body part, and customizable programs in one device.
  • LT3042E

    The LT3042E is a highly versatile, personal 3 in 1 unit for home, work or travel that delivers prescription strength relief. It's a powerful unit that allows you to choose from six pre-set body programs tailored for specific pain areas.
  • LT3060A

    BasicRelief LT3060A is a two-channel output TENS machine and beautiful in design.Two-channel output means that you can use it with your loved ones. Smart design makes it easy to use by people of all ages.It has 25 intensity levels,which meet all of your needs that resulted from physical pain.
  • LT3040A

    LT3040A is single channel tens, it is designed for reduction and relief of muscular and nerve aches and pain symptom, which has different preset programs to suit different parts of the body , and it is compact ,light and reliable. Also There is additional programs for treatment with optional back belt.
  • TH1050

    In quest to design an “All In One” health and wellness device, TH1050 usefulness expanded beyond everyday health monitoring. The pulse rate monitoring, in conjunction with a body thermometer, plus memory recall made it a perfect temperature measurement tool.
  • TH1003A

    Infrared measurement technology and measurement on forehead and ear in seconds. Red LCD display for fever alarm, it's easy to use.
  • TH1009

    The TH1009 is an infrared thermometer with combination of ear and forehead scan. It is very easy to measure body temperature, room temperature and object temperature. The measurement can be done in 1-2 seconds. It has the function of cleaning reminder to ensure the accurate measurements.
  • TH1009N

    The TH1009N is a non-contact thermometer which allows you to take the temperature of the baby or child instantly without any physical contact. The measurement can be done in 1-2 seconds. There is no need to wake up your baby while taking their temperature. It is very precise and fast.
  • LT3022

    Muscle Training System LT3022 (Electrical muscle stimulation) is especially designed for abdomen muscle training, and it may be used for the following conditions too: 1) Increase of blood flow in the treatment area. 2) Relaxation of muscle spasm. 3) Muscle re-education. 4) Maintaining or increasing range of motion
  • LE1000

    Single channel EMG biofeedback device LE1000 is for the measurement of the muscle activity and muscle exercise .A wide range of physiotherapy applications to enhance exercise for both strengthening and relaxing the muscle.
  • LE3100

    LE3100 combines dual channel EMG (electromyography) and dual channel Neuromuscular Stimulation in one device. It is a professional and simple to use advanced product for assisting continence, rehabilitation, sports, pain relief and fitness.
  • LE9011

    Levator Elite LE9011 can solve a range of continence ,it can help to Improve pelvic floor muscle exercise, and re-educates the pelvic floor muscles. This product has 6 programs to help you exercise and recover the muscle and neuromuscular rehabilitation. It is portable and convenient for home-use.
  • NT200

    NT200 Vaginal Cones are clinically proven to strengthen pelvic floor muscles to help with maintaining a healthy pelvic floor, avoid bladder weakness, prevent pelvic floor problems such as prolapsed and increase intimate sensation for you and your partner.
  • NT1011

    NT1011 Rectal probe is designed for use with muscle stimulator and EMG unit. It is made of safety materials and easy to use.

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