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OEM: Customer can design the product, SDT can make the mass production.

Our company has strong R&D team, nearly 20% of our employees are engaged in R&D, with strong R&D research and development capabilities. The company has established a project as the core The R&D management platform, we continues to and develop more than 10 new products every year. We own all independent intellectual property rights and many of patented technologies. Under the strict overall quality management, the stable high product quality is being maintained; Our company's products line include: infrared thermometer product line, handheld electric physiotherapy product line, hand-held electromagnetic therapy product line, hand-held ultrasound treatment product line.


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  • Office address: Block A, 5th floor, Fuhua Technic Building,No. 9116 Beihuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China. 518057
  • Factory address: Floor 1-2, No.3 Building, Fanshen Xusheng Industrial Estate Xilixiaobaimang 518108 Nanshan District, Shenzhen P. R. China
  • Tel: (86) 755 2765 2471
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