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  • How do infrared thermometers work?

    Infrared thermometers capture the invisible infrared energy naturally emitted from all objects warmer than absolute zero.

  • If you think the measurement is not correct?

    1. If customer is taking ear temperature, first check and ensure temperature measuring sensor head is clean, then test whether the left and right ear's are different. And if the ear temperature measurement is too low, check if the temperature measuring sensor head is inserted in right position as instructed in manual. 2. For forehead temperature measurement, check if the distance tested is correct. 3. Whether the battery power is too low, please change with new one; 4. Whether pressing the wrong ear temperature measuring button to take forehead temperature measurement; Or Whether pressing the wrong forehead temperature measuring button to measure the ear temperature;

  • Is this infrared thermometer accurate?

    It may varies on the use circumstance and operation of user. And this thermometer is tested according to infrared thermometer standard.

  • How to clean the thermometer?

    To ensure accurate measurements, keep the probe tip clean and free of scratches is very important. Finger prints, ear wax or dirt will affect the accuracy of the thermometer. In order to get an accurate measurement, please clean the probe tip. Gently wipe its surface with a cotton swab slightly moistened with alcohol and immediately wipe dry with a clean cotton swab.

  • What should be done to ensure the accuracy of the thermometer?

    To achieve accurate measurement, it is very important to check the infrared sensor and sure it is clean before using. Earwax in the ear canal or lipid on the forehead may cause an inaccurate measurement, so make sure the ear canal or forehead is clean. If you clean the ear or forehead, please keep waiting for 5~10 minutes before measuring.

  • Why use non-contact infrared thermometers?

    Non-contact infrared thermometers use infrared technology to quickly and conveniently measure the surface temperature of objects. They provide fast temperature readings without physically touching the object. You simply aim, pull the trigger and read the temperature.

  • What is the ideal way to measure body temperature?

    Measuring the “core” body temperature would be ideal. The core temperature is the temperature of the vital organs such as the heart and brain. Since these sites are not directly accessible, other sites for temperature measurement have been identified. 

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